Is this the future and will leave pro-sports in the dust?

“Over 100 gamers have earned more than $250,000 in prize money alone, without counting the sponsorship deals and income that many of these players receive from streaming their practice games on services like Twitch. But they pale in comparison to the top-10 players, who have earned more than $10 million for their gaming prowess alone.”
from Business Insider UK

“Financial institutions are starting to take notice. Goldman Sachs valued e-sports at $500 million in 2016 and expects the market will grow at 22% annually compounded over the next three years into a more than $1 billion opportunity. And industry statistics are already backing this valuation and demonstrating the potential for massive earnings. To illustrate the market value, market growth, and potential earnings for e-sports, consider Swedish media company Modern Times Group's $87 million acquisition of Turtle Entertainment, the holding company for ESL. YouTube has made its biggest e-sports investment to date by signing a multiyear broadcasting deal with Faceit to stream the latter's e-sports Championship Series. And the NBA will launch its own e-sports league in 2018.”
from Business Insider UK

"Newzoo, an expert in video games data, predicts that the global eSports audience will increase to a staggering 385 million people in 2017 and estimates that revenues from eSports will grow from $130 million in 2012 to $696 million this year."

In Switzerland, the e-sports activities are picking up as well. UPC Cablecom and now also Swisscom are getting active in this space.

At the event, we will explain and live demonstrate the e-sports phenomena, as well as showcasing the current and future trends and the advertisement markets for e-sports.
There are ambitions to have a mega-sport event also in Switzerland soon and to fill a whole sports arena in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva with tens of thousands of e-sports enthusiasts.



Introduction to the e-sports phenomena

by Turtle Entertainment, ESL

Why is e-sports such an exciting business opportunity?

by Heinrich Zetlmayer, Active Investor & Board Member, ESL

Live demo: Rocket League

organized and presented by Swiss e-sports Federation


Heinrich Zetlmayer

Heinrich Zetlmayer is an active investor and board member of Lykke Corp., the global trading platform based on blockchain technology.

Besides Lykke, he is engaged in several growth companies in Fintech, Crowdtasking and other digital domains on board and operational level and as an investor.

He has acted as Co-Managing Director of Turtle Entertainment, the largest esports company globally and is also on its supervisory board.

He is also a partner of mas and focuses on the setup and execution of growth and performance programmes where boards or owners wish to accelerate the development of their company.

Formerly he was a member of IBM’s Executive Board in Switzerland and Vice President and Country Leader of IBM Global Business Services.

At IBM he held several senior positions within IBM Global Business Services, including leading IBM’s Supply Chain and Operations Services in EMEA.

Financial Services Industry was part of his responsibilities.

Prior to joining IBM, Heinrich was with the international management consultant Arthur D. Little for seven years as Global Head of Operations Management Practice and a member of its Global Management Committee.

He helped several major global and national companies in the US and Europe on revenue, cost and capital efficiency increases for competitive leadership and in turnaround situations.

He holds a Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing) in Industrial Engineering and a Diploma of Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University in Munich and has lived in several European countries and in the US.

Heinrich is a Swiss and German citizen, born in Munich, and speaks German, English, Italian, Norwegian and French.

Cédric Schlosser

Cédric is the CEO and co-founder of the first Swiss esports agency MYI Entertainment GmbH.

Additionally, he is a member of the board for the eStudios AG in Zurich, running a live-streaming studio from Frau Gerolds Garten in Zurich, and Cédric is a member of the board of the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF).

Finally, he is serving on a yearly basis as a captain of the Swiss army in the Artillerie Battalion 10.

Shaping Swiss esports for the last ten years Cédric built the most successful Swiss esports team of all times “mYinsanity”, winning over 600’000$ in international tournaments. mYinsanity won prestigious titles such as the European Championship and the Korean Championship in Starcraft 2.

Today MYI Entertainment is the biggest live-event organizer in Swiss esports, running LAN-Parties and esports events with over 1’300 players and more than 50’000 visitors.

Additionally, MYI is assisting corporations and sponsors to engage with the esports community and to realize successful campaigns.

Cédric’s non esports background includes an apprenticeship as a banker, followed by an BSc in International Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences of Bern.

Nicolas Pidancet

After a Bachelor Degree in Socioeconomics, Nicolas Pidancet started off as a freelance event organiser for sports and cultural events.

In 2014, hyped by the fast development of e-sports in the rest of the world, he started organising small e-sports competitions in Geneva and cofounded the first cantonal federation, Geneva E-Sport. After two years of discussion, Geneva E-Sport got recognised by the authorities and since then, they have been working closely together to develop a healthy amateur practice of e-sports.

In 2016 and 2017, Nicolas presided over a collective of associations that created the biggest video game fair in French speaking Switzerland: the Geneva Gaming Convention. Taking place at Palexpo, it has reached over 17'000 visitors in two years (check the aftermovie).

Today, he's leading the Swiss e-Sports Federation's Commission for the Recognition of e-sports in Switzerland, through the application to become a member of Swiss Olympics.

Roland Bischofberger

Roland Bischofberger has been in charge of corporate communications at UPC Switzerland since 2010, and additionally for UPC Austria since August 2014.

His remit covers the company’s internal and external communications, corporate events and political communication.

Before joining UPC he worked in Group Communications and Investor Relations at OC Oerlikon.

Prior to this, he worked at Siemens Switzerland and in Investor Relations at Siemens’ headquarters in Munich.

Roland Bischofberger holds a degree in Communications from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and has completed executive training programs at IMD Business School and INSEAD, as well as an early education in electronics and IT.